Twitter Disassociative Personality Disorder

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Do you tweet? Happy to follow you – with all my handles.

See – I have multiple Twitter personalities. Well, they are all pretty much the same thing…I just can’t decide. Of course, I was way late to the party having started tweeting a few months ago. Now one @privacyqueenK is starting to get followers, but turns out people confuse me with @privacyqueen. So I went on a journey to find one that was uniquely me. I already knew that @kjustk was not available and many people confuse that with me. Understandably as I have multiple emails with kjustk@something and license plates in multiple states with KJUSTK…but the twitter is not me.

@RedneckPrivacy was my next attempt. now THAT is me. I’m a redneck born and bred and I wear purple cowboy boots to work  silver ones, too – and ivory ones. They rock. Turns out that professionally, my colleagues don’t like referencing that twitter handle. The only people who don’t like being called a redneck are those who are not a redneck. Rednecks love it.

So okay, I am now on to @heartofprivacy and I am committing to it as evidenced by the blog with two entries. Ha.

But I don’t want to send out notices yet again that I am switching twitter handles. This will be a journey to resolving my disorder. Thank you for joining me. Oh – and follow me @heartofprivacy

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