at the Heart of Privacy

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Privacy is increasingly becoming more important to the average person, but we do not live in a world that values individual privacy. Technology makes the idea of privacy even more incredulous. To effectively create and to maintain privacy for individuals, we need people, governments, and businesses to work together. There are many professionals out here who claim to advocate for and protect the rights of individuals, but nothing truly replaces awareness and education. The only person who can actively protect your privacy is you. Yes, those who have the technology and wherewithal to circumvent the steps you put in place will always take advantage of their capabilities – sometimes, rightly so. But until you care about your own privacy and affirmatively take action to protect that privacy, you cannot expect others to do it for you.

I am not a scholar.

I am simply a person who has found her way into privacy as a career field and found it a natural fit. Perhaps in this blog, I can manage to keep sharing my own thoughts and opinions- and perhaps someone will find it useful.

Live. Love. Laugh. Listen. RN turned attorney. Nothing I write or say should be taken as legal advice. I do not take clients. I also don't give enemas - so don't look to me for nursing care, either. Self-licensed to use sarcasm, always carrying, rarely concealed.

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