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John F. Kennedy once said “JFKThings do not happen. Things are made to happen.”

So rather than considering what can happen in a second in privacy – which brings to mind all kinds of crazy stuff…breaches, hacks – let’s instead consider what could be made to happen in a second.

I went online to find you an interesting link for breaches and instead saw an article, hot news, one hour ago that 80,000 students’ data was compromised who were enrolled at Cal State in an online sexual violence prevention class.

That happened in a second.

What could be made to happen in a second? Awareness – instantly share the news article via myriad social media.

Shame – 80,000 students may now be ashamed of their online class. They may not be. 80,000 students may now be proud.

Anxiety. Confusion.  80,000 students may now not know how they feel. It’s a non-credit required course. They have nothing to be ashamed or proud of. The breach exposed passwords used to log into the class, user names, campus-issued email addresses, gender, race, relationship status, and sexual identity. Now these 80,000 students may have to change their passwords for whatever they use based on that email – grades? financial aid? What if their sexual identity is something they did not want known publicly?

On the other hand, based on amount of breaches in the news, are we desensitized? Can apathy happen in a second?

Could lawmakers get motivated in a second? It may take years to get someone to see the light, but perhaps that light blows on like the winds of a haboob in Arizona in August.

  • It only takes a second longer than normal to use a password that is resistant to compromise.
  • It only takes a second to lock your computer when you walk away.
  • It only takes a second for a hacker to publish ill-gotten gains.
  • It only takes a second for your identity to be taken.

It only takes a second to realize your life has changed forever and way too many seconds to put it back together.

Make something good happen in a second.

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