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Given my history and interests, I can speak on numerous topics. These include:

Privacy – Data Protection – Security – Cybersecurity Policy

From a global perspective to local interests and sectoral laws, such as HIPAA, I am experienced in multiple areas from strategy to acquisitions, frontline to the board, operations to opportunities. On the security / cybersecurity side, I have been a security officer and managed the policy side if not the technical controls. However, I have assisted companies with certification prep and pre-assessment for ISO27k series and related interests. My experience includes US law – HIPAA, COPPA, FERPA, GLBA, state laws – and non-US – PIPEDA, GDPR, PIPL, LGPD, and more.

Vendor Management and Oversight

A popular topic and one that is near to my heart. From due diligence to annual reassessments, I can speak to drivers, implementation, risk, and integration.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

With my background and activities, it is not surprising that this topic is one I take a keen interest in. I am part-Choctaw, a woman (in male-dominated fields of law and tech), and disabled. I have provided training on many levels, including on implicit bias. One training was to lawyers and based on the dating game… quite interesting.

Other topics include leadership, team relationships, health regulatory law, education, program development, program reinvigoration, emerging technologies, big data, non-profits, drones, biometrics, stress management, ethics in AI, and more.

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