About me

K Royal

I am a recovering yet proud Southerner, born and raised in Mississippi…a former mental health counselor and nurse turned attorney who found her passion in privacy, pro bono, and working with students. I am also Mrs. Arizona USA Ambassador 2018!

I am licensed in AZ, but I do not practice law. Anything you read here is solely my opinion, does not represent those of my employers (or my family or pets for that matter), and should never, ever be considered legal advice.

Tidbits about me:
– mom of two fabulous women
– married to an amazing man
– friend of several animals who permit me to feed and pet them
you can follow one @Chalupapup and me @heartofprivacy
yes, I have a chihuahua named Chalupa
– past victim of domestic violence – past surviving, now thriving
– disabled (lupus, sjogrens, osteoporosis, fibro, etc.etc.etc.)
– part Choctaw
– introverted, but coping
– sarcasm carried, rarely concealed

Feel free to find me on LinkedIn.

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