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This post is not about privacy – shocking, I know. It’s about pouring one’s energy into the activities that energize you. Me? I’m a square peg in a square hole. I am one with Privacy and Privacy is with me.  But I always wanted to be in government work – seriously. I tried to get into the military three times – and was never accepted (despite a 99% ASVAB) because 90 pounds at 5’7″ is way below the acceptable limits, even if I hunched over.  The late fantastic Sonny V. Montgomery called me and offered to get me in. But I took it as a sign of God that I was not meant to serve my country in that capacity – and I was right.

I chose to go to law school from being a nurse because it gave me more time with my kids. I know what you’re thinking…. being a lawyer is long hours and stress. See the statement above about wanting to be with the government… that option out, I went into academia and thought I found my calling. And it provided the flexibility and quality time I wanted with my girls through their teen years. Then as life does, changes happened and I wound up moving to another state and was unable to enter academia because the world was in a financial crisis. I was hired in my first corporate job as a non-attorney in healthcare regulatory compliance and affairs. Due the economy, I soon had HIPAA, and then the entire department of being a Privacy and Security Officer, Regulatory Compliance and Affairs.  The work was extremely challenging and to save my sanity, I started a PhD.

In dog years, I gained incredible experience in a very short time frame and my career grew quickly from there – to the Silicon Valley as the first privacy person (privacy counsel in this case) for a global medical device company. I loved it and my healthcare experience was incredibly valuable. I have worked with tech start-ups (a fave of mine), direct healthcare, medical devices, global companies, state-only companies, education, and government endeavors (generally companies with government contracts).

Recently, though, someone asked what do I do for fun. I work for fun. I am active in two global professional associations (IAPP and ACC), both in leadership roles. I write articles and speak for both. I write articles and speak for other entities. I am on the boards of two non-profit organizations (and have been on others). I compete in Mrs. pageants. I do cosplay and joined a non-profit group that cospalys for the community – going to hospitals and supporting activities involving kids. I’m a geek. And I read. Yep, I am one of those, a reader. But I don’t read non-fiction for fun. I read way to much for work to want to read that for fun. So I read books on vampires, sorcerers, dragons, and such. And I love it.

I am also truly trying to finish my PhD (I have written enough during the time to have written at least 2 PhDs….) and actually write my own books – a series on a woman who goes to law school (write what you know), a teen mystery series, a women in leadership book, and one on my own story.


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