Launching the Serious Privacy Podcast

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Paul Breitbarth and I are launching the Serious Privacy podcast! Paul and I just met in the past few weeks and I don’t think we actually spent any time one on one. It turns out that he has been wanting to launch a podcast for Nymity, while I have been wanting to launch one for TrustArc. We both get what we want. Although we had planned to launch in March, it seems that Global Data Privacy Day (or Global Data Protection Day) on January 28 offers the perfect time to launch.

We’re excited to do this. Our first episode will lay out our plans in more detail, but essentially, we are aiming for a kitchen table / back porch format with casual conversation and perhaps even open debate. It will mainly be Paul and I, but we will have guests, conferences, and webinar episodes – or so we think. Our topics will range from privacy and data protection to security to operationalization to breaking news.

It should be quite the conversation with our differences and similarities. Paul is European, a former regulator with the Working Party 29, and more active in policy than practicality (oh, he’ll get me for that one). I am more of a practitioner, having developed or improved many privacy programs from mom-and-pop organizations to Fortune 100. This should be a lot of fun.

We would love your opinion and feedback! Tell us what you like, what you want to hear and we’re all over it.

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